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Interview "Homegrown Business: Marcela Fajardo of Séance Créative"

Written by Danica Jacobs / Edited by Séance Créative

May 22, 2023

By Montreal Guardian

Marcela Fajardo, founder of Séance Créative, our sustainable business that crafts eco-conscious gift bags and wrapping "paper" using upcycled fabrics, was recently interviewed by Montreal Guardian. In the interview, Marcela shares her passion for offering eco-friendly and functional accessories for gifts, inspired by her upbringing where gift-giving was seen as an expression of love and appreciation. Séance Créative aims to address the alarming waste generated during the holidays by providing reusable and eco-friendly gift accessories made from upcycled materials. Séance Créative follows a circular economy approach, sourcing fabrics from small textile companies and fabric warehouses that would otherwise discard them. Their creative process involves turning these materials into unique and limited collections, showcased in their online boutique and various artisan craft shows in Quebec and Ontario. By choosing our products, customers contribute to a more sustainable future while still being able to give thoughtful and personalized gifts. To read the full article and discover more about Séance Créative's inspiring journey, Click here to read the complete interview.

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