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The joy of giving a gift... my sources of inspiration!

Updated: May 24, 2022

In the midst of an emotionally challenging time and in anticipation of Christmas, I decided to create Creative Session.

The joy of giving a gift

It was November 2020... How do we transform our life experiences into gifts for life? My thoughts, knowledge, and experiences as a psychologist led me to imagine a therapeutic model that could eventually become a contributing business. My mother and grandmother have left a deep imprint on my heart and my journey. They have always been a source of inspiration!

The joy of giving a gift, for example, has been part of my life since I was a little girl. My grandmother's teachings have remained engraved in my mind: "never arrive empty-handed in a house", "a gift to say thank you, a gift to welcome someone", a special gift must have a meaning and significance for the person who receives it"...

How to personalize our creations

Hence my love for making gift bags and creating them from scratch, but with a personal touch for each person. The idea of taking fabrics you like and reusing them also opened the doors to a magical world.

Think of a favorite shirt from our wardrobe or a blanket from our childhood to recreate a unique piece that accompanies us every day and makes us dream of beautiful moments lived with our loved ones.

In my childhood, I also accompanied my grandmother and my mother to different fabric and sewing accessory stores. Spending hours in those huge colorful stores was a special moment. Then at home, I was the sewing assistant and model for my grandmother's various creations.

This is where I got the inspiration to make my first bags

My sewing skills are basic, so for more complex designs, I rely on two local seamstresses who have over 15 years of sewing experience. Soon I will be taking sewing classes to make my own patterns!

My mother and grandmother had faith in life and in me, they gave me this beautiful gift for my whole life.

In 2021 I decided to be trained as an entrepreneur and start my own business. I launched the website and that's when the dream became a reality, my business had life and scale.

Just like there are chat sessions with friends, therapy sessions, physiotherapy sessions, etc. Here we call it Creative Session because every gift deserves to be a creative exercise that makes us think about how to please others from a unique perspective. It's a creation that identifies and reflects us... and it all begins and ends with gift wrapping.

A creation that identifies and reflects us

"Everything that has a beginning has an end, but every end is the beginning of a new beginning" said the writer Serge Zeller...

So, Séance Créative was born from the love of the most important woman in my life 😉, but also from the love for the planet 🌍.

Bringing our fabrics and gifts back to life was an idea that slowly settled in my mind 🌿, and a therapeutic session began to find personal, professional, and collective well-being, allowing me to leave a beautiful imprint on each person's life. What a pleasure to do something you love!

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