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Having in mind the pleasure that is produced by opening a present that was wrapped in paper, that snapping sound that make us joyful and the idea to reuse our wrapping fabrics again, Cinco has been created.

Why Cinco? (Five - Cinq)

It only takes five (Cinco) steps to wrap your gifts with our reversible wrapping fabric.  You will see it in our tutorial Link: xxxxx


What is unique about wrapping a gift with Séance Créative?

  • Double life: You can wrap your gifts for Christmas and later on, reused Cinco for wrapping your gifts for a birthday, for a baby shower, for Father’s day etc.
  • Sound: The Velcro, will provide the crunchie sound that we love. It is adjustable and versatile.
  • Stylish way to wrap a gift or Cinco could be the perfect gift itself.
  • Our eco-friendly solution for zero-waste festivities
  • We are proud to have our design, suppliers, and handmade creation in Canada.


Recuperation Rate from our Cinco collection:

Total of 6 Lbs.  We transformed one of our first furoshiki collections.



  • 100% upcycled cotton.



Party favor and utensil bag
  • Wrapping sizes     

    You can wrap


    109 x 109 cm
    35″ x 35″

    Board game, art book, make up boxes, novels books.

    109 x 109 cm
    43″ x 43″

    Gaming consoles, laptop box, yoga mat.


    • Option #1: Wash the fabrics under tap water and air dry.
    • Option #2 : All tissus are machine washable (cold or hot water). Turn them over completely for more efficiency. Tumble dry if desired.
    • They will not change color or size after washing.
    • Lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free.


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