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Our Fiesta collection was inspired by a lovely men who takes practicality to heart. During a brainstroming session  these party sets, once all the ideas were clear, we contacted our best partner in crime: a Grandma who likes to sew, Linda is based in Ontario, her sewing skils are incredible and  we love create together.   Thanks to her and the creative minds Fiesta was created with 3 purposes:



  • The utensil set and the bags can be reused as many times as you want.
  • The banner is water resistant, you can use it outdoors.


  • The colouring bags could be an activity for the kids during the party.
  • Certainly, if you prefer, you can use placemats instead of utensil bags


  • No need to buy more party decorations from dollar store or party store to decorate, or extra favor gifts... you have all in one with our sets.  Favours bag, utensils sets and fun.  




  • 5 favor's bags (choose your desired colour)
  • 1 party banner 
  • 5 utensils bags or placemats  (choose your desired colour)
  • 5 utensils set (can be personalized with the kids names) 



Charming, colouring fabric was the end of a fabric lot from one of our preferred supplier,  I bought the lot at a low price and the give life to this lovely product. 

The elastics and the coloured fabrics were bought from a boutique that closed her doors in Jan, 2023.



We were able to recuperate 5lbs of materials. 


**You can customize your party set *** buying only favor bags or utensils sets is here: 

Fiesta Kit - Charming

Party favor and utensil bag
  • BAG SIZE: 

    15 cms x  22 cms (6'' x 9'') Durable and d-eco-responsible


    16 panels, 3 meters 


    Washables markers if you want a colour, wash and reuse bag.

    Fabric markers, if you want to keep the colours. 


    • Option #1: Wash bags under tap water and air dry.
    • Option #2 : All bags are machine washable (cold or hot water). Turn them over completely for more efficiency. Tumble dry if desired.
    • They will not change color or size after washing.
    • Lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free.


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