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A reusable Christmas gift bag? Yes, your wrapping is also a gift!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A surprised boy unwrapping his gift with joy
A surprise Christmas gift with a fabric gift bag Creative Session

Christmas is coming and we're ready to find the perfect gift ideas to please our loved ones this holiday season. Are you also paying attention to your gift-wrapping options?

One of the best ideas for wrapping the gift you want to give in an eco-friendly, easy and original way is undoubtedly an envelope-shaped pouch. At Séance Créative we are proud to launch the new Christmas collection: Gift bag - Reusable because your wrapping is also part of the gift!

This Creative Session pouch is one of our accessories with a high-end eco-aesthetic design, handmade and offered in unique collections, as the editions are limited to the design of high-end reclaimed fabrics. Whatever the special occasion to spoil your loved ones (a birthday, Christmas, the end of school, Valentine's Day), there are reusable fabric gift bags or envelope options to suit every need.

Our core commitment to creativity and social consciousness is there to inspire you in every context of the gift experience. Our Montreal-made accessories are wonderful options to challenge your festive eco spirit.

On our online store, you'll find our limited edition fabric pouch options, a handcrafted eco-friendly product made in Quebec. Let's see the perfect gifts to give together!

Fabric envelopes or gift bags for any gifting experience

Persone wrapping a book with reusable fabric
Freepick image
  • gift cards

  • collectibles

  • glasses

  • Christmas message cards (Psst Psst ... do you like the wooden cards of our collaborator Huellas in the picture? Visit his store in our entrepreneur hub Collaborative sessions

  • from earrings to hair clips Allons-y-Montréal, discover the creations of our collaborator who offers products made of resin and passion

  • eco-friendly jewelry, like Cinderella Garbage (yes, it exists! follow us to get more eco-friendly gift ideas)

  • aromatic soaps like Nu savons naturels

  • eco-responsible cosmetics, like Atoca

  • the purse

  • the new recipe book see Vert Couleur Persil

  • the novels to offer for the holidays

  • the beautiful unisex scarf or socks in eco-friendly fabrics

  • an original mug with inspiring messages

  • the sweets or snacks not to be missed y ecology, Le comptoir chocolate

  • coupons for special occasions

  • airline tickets

  • keys to a house

  • gifts of money and more!

Did you know that there is a wide range of eco-friendly gift ideas in Quebec? We've found some inspiring projects to share and this is part of our #greenfindings.

Do you have any other ideas? Write to us in the comments!

We can't deny it, the Eco Envelope - Reusable is one of our cool products perfect for wrapping

your gift ideas with love.

Why prepare your gifts with Creative Session gift bags?

1 - Original eco-friendly ideas - a limited edition!

In 2022, we created a limited collection thanks to a beautiful donation of fabrics with Christmas designs from a sewing shop in the process of closing. This allows us to have a double positive impact:

  • To offer you reusable pockets to surprise your dear ones, with a pocket not easy to find elsewhere... and in addition, with multifunctional packaging that can be used afterward and that is very useful to keep in a chic way the little things of value and all the small objects that we have to find easily in our handbags or backpacks.

  • Give you a good reason to smile: you will be happy too: - ), because you're going to do without using the traditional packaging responsible for 545,000 tons of waste annually in Canada It's our gift to the planet.

2- The surprise effect increases and reveals a little more of your personality

"The more elaborate and sophisticated the gift, the greater our attachment to the recipient. It's a sign of love."

Do you want to be part of this chic and eco-friendly community?

We have three ways to collect fabrics to create our ready-to-wear gift bags:

  1. Sewing Shops: We recover new materials from small sewing shops that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

  2. Artisans or stores: Recovering new fabrics sold by artisans or fabric stores, whose scraps will not have a second life and will be thrown away.

  3. Creative people: From people like you who get excited about the idea of creating their own bags with the clothes they no longer use, but whose design and fabric they love. So, we have several choices to personalize your choice, contact us to have more info.

Live with us the experience of giving life to our gifts and fabrics, let's create together!

With Creative Session, giving a gift becomes a creation.

Did you know that the tradition of wrapping our gifts only appeared at the end of the 19th century?

Before then, gifts were given in full transparency! That is, without wrapping! At the end of the 19th century, the same kraft paper was used everywhere, and the whole thing evolved towards cellophane, decorated boxes, or colored ribbons. Retailers found it easier to convince consumers to buy their gifts if they could be wrapped.

During the Christmas season, gifts and toys were seen as decorations for the tree. Over time, wrapping paper has become a gift accessory to embellish this moment of sharing.

Whether you want to give a gift to a child or teenager, to your mom or dad, to a colleague or friend, or even to grandma or grandpa, any of the fabric gift bags could fit any need and you will be able to lovingly wrap that special gift that will please your loved ones.

More eco-packaging ideas!

The day after Christmas, we know: the trash cans are full of paper that doesn't get recycled. Zero-waste gift wrapping is necessary to try to reduce our impact without missing out on our tastes and sharing sessions. We share with you some other equally eco-friendly and creative packaging ideas. Here are some exciting options from the energir website:

  1. Fabrique B food packaging is made from beeswax, perfect for gourmet treats.

  2. Furoshiki wrapping technique that reuses fabric to embellish gifts.

  3. Solid wood box to carry pies, cupcakes, or cakes and reusable.

  4. Glass jars to create various gift sets (cookies, candies, sewing accessories, etc.)

Let's give value back to the experience of opening presents with packaging that is also a multifunctional bag. You will also have the opportunity to personalize your envelopes and immerse yourself in the world of Creative Sessions. The limit is your imagination.

Follow Séance Créative on our social networks and discover beautiful eco-friendly options made in Quebec! #ourgreendrops

Séance Créative bags are handmade from recycled fabrics and with a high-end eco-aesthetic design. 90% of our bags are made with recycled fabrics and follow eco-responsible values that allow us to project a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years. We want to reduce the footprint generated by fabric waste as well as promote the reuse of gift bags that offer several possibilities to Reduce - Recycle - Reuse

Stand out from the crowd with a handmade and made in Quebec, in an environmentally sustainable way. No more need to use large quantities of paper to embellish your gifts, invest precious time looking for a box that is a little out of the ordinary, or goes shopping for wrapping services. Your new gift-wrapping technique will show your unique touch and creativity all at once, an eco-friendly gift bag for every special occasion.

Bags for the bottle of wine to share ... Gift bags for cards, jewelry, wallets, or even airline tickets ... Candy bags, or any treat ...

You'll also have the opportunity to personalize your gift bags, use your favorite fabrics to convert them into gift wrap, and more...make your way into the world of Creative Session.

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