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Fiesta Collection

Our Fiesta collection was inspired by a lovely man who takes practicality to heart. During a brainstorming session these party sets were created, once all the ideas were set, we contacted our best partner in crime: a grandma who likes to sew, Linda is based in Ontario, her sewing skills are incredible; thanks to her and the creative minds Fiesta was created with 3 purposes:

Eco Friendly Cutlery


The utensil set and the bags can be reused as many times as you want.

The banner is water resistant; you can use it outdoors.



The colouring bags could be an activity for the kids during the party.

Party banner


No need to buy more party decorations from the dollar store or the party store to decorate, or extra favor gifts... you have all in one with our sets.  Favors bag, utensils sets and fun.  

Fiesta Kits

Our party packages transform moments into cherished memories for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers,as well as other special days. Don't miss out on the perfect party - browse our kits today and let the fun begin!


Fiesta CYO (Create your own)

Let's design your Fiesta set according to your preferences. You can choose the quantity, the fabrics colours and personalized options 


Fiesta  - Banners

To fashion an exceptionally memorable event, enrich your party ambiance with enchanting and vibrant banners and garlands. Our assortment features both pre-made banners and personalized themes, along with superhero-inspired choices and much more.

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